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Viasco has a visualisation interface allowing experts to rapidly examine and understand the metrics computed a previous step. Those metrics become more efficient if they be rapidly assessed and their information can help improve the code. This step is important due to the enormous amount information generated by the parsing of large component libraries.

The view consists of 2.5D representation where 3D boxes are depicted on the 2D plane. Item.s position depends on component hierarchy in order to group the elements that belong together while seeing the whole system at the same time. The layout algorithm is based on the Treemap. The 3D boxes have three graphical characteristics (height, color, twist) which can be mapped to metrics directly. This way, it is possible to find elements with extreme metrics very quickly as well as find recurrent or unusual patterns. The 3D environment is fully navigable and it is possible to zoom in and zoom out concretely by simply getting closer to the elements but also semantically since it is possible to view programs and component at different level of granularity. It is possible to choose to hide or display sub-components or parent component depending on the elements of interest. It is also possible to display multiple different level of granularity for one program in order to investigate certain behaviours.

Detailed information about VERSO can be found in the paper Exploring the Evolution of Software Quality with Animated Visualization and in the accompanying presentation Exploring the Evolution of Software Quality with Animated Visualization.

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